Deodorization Process

Forth Step of Vegetable Oil Refining Process

Deodorization Process is the forth step in vegetable oil refining which commences after finishing the bleaching. Deodorization holds a big impact on the refined oil quality and is often considered as the heart of the entire edible oil refining method. Deodorization is carried out on specially manufactured Deodorizer Pressure Vessels as per the design and application.

Overview of Deodorization Process

The purpose of Deodorizing Vegetable Oils is to remove odor substances. In order to remove the odor substances, a step wise guide must be followed by the refinery operator fulfilling requirements. The temperature of the bleached vegetable oil is further raised from 120 C to 200 C. The oil is subjected to high temperature heating under vacuum.

In Deodorization, the stripping process is performed in which a given amount of a stripping agent is allowed to pass through the certain time period. The agent is mostly live steam. The oil is subjected to steam distillation under high temperature and vacuum to evaporate all odor substances. The resulting deodorized oil is almost bland and tasteless.

Multiple edible oils have multiple characteristics. Each crude oil responds differently to the deodorization parameters. Soyabean Oil will differ from Cottonseed Oil. Sunflower Oil will differ from Palm Oil. So is with Groundnut Oil or Rapeseed Oil or Coconut Oil.

The thermal effect of the deodorizer will destroy the oil flavor and the heat sensitive color pigments. In palm oil, the thermal breakdown of carotene leads to color reduction or the heat bleaching.

Advantages of Tinytech Deodorizer Plant

  • Lower Investment
  • Small Area Required
  • Excellent For Palm Oil, Soya Oil, Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil
  • Improved MOC of Deodorizer for Sturdiness and Strength
  • Better Yields with Excellent Quality
  • Quick & Maximum flexibility in feed material.
  • Large surface area exposure to vacuum.
  • No fouling material inside the tower.
  • Practically – No Maintenance.

Main Process Conditions for Deodorization

The deodorization process is fully determined by four process parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Pressure
  • Amount of stripping steam

Optimal process parameters depend on the type of oil (bleached and refined oil specifications) and the refining process applied.

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