Soap Stock Splitting

The Process and the Splitting Working

In the chemical refining process, the soap is generated during neutralization of fatty acids present in the oil. The soap is generated on a continuous basis which has about 80% of water. The typical soap mixture contains soap, neutral oil and traces of free alkali. The soap stock that has been generated is a byproduct item and requires to be disposed off.

The soap stock is not a waste item. Hence we cannot dump and throw away directly. The soap stock should be converted into a useful product by a certain process which is known as “Soap Stock Splitting”. This soap stock is treated with caustic lye to saponify neutral oil and taken for splitting. The splitting is by strong sulphuric acid liberating the fatty acids and un-reacted glycerides in the form of an oily mixture, generally known as Acid Oil.

The quantity of acid addition depends on the TFA – Total Fatty Acid present in the soap stock. General quantum is in the range of 10 to 14%.

The acid water is subjected to treatment with wash water thereby dropping the pH level of the acidic water. This resulting mixture is passed into the effluent treatment plant and that completes the acid oil plant process.

Finally, the acidic fumes generated from the reaction vessel are passed through water circulation and scrubbed by fumes scrubber to prevent corrosion in plant.

The Acid oil is further washed by hot water and made free from mineral acidity. The Free Fatty Acid content in Acid oil ranges from 60 to 85% and total fatty matter content about 96%.

The reason for giving open steam to the soap stock is to evaporate the moisture content from the mixture to the maximum possible content. This also helps on the terms of minimizing acid consumption for splitting.

Distinguished Features of Tinytech Soap Stock Splitting Plant

  1. Efficient Soap Stock Splitting due to continuous agitation.
  2. Reduced Steam Consumption
  3. Recirculation of Acidic Water to reduce the usage of Mineral Acid.
  4. Longer Functional Life
  5. Better Acid Oil Yield with Better Product
  6. Very Less Acidic Fumes generated which are negligible.
  7. Environmental Friendly when operated with care and proper norms.

Tinytech can execute the process of Soap Stock Splitting in combination with the process of Vegetable Oil Refining. This enables the buyer to make use of generated soap stock material and save on earnings.

Did you know?

The product Acid Oil is brown in color and the color of acid oil mainly depends on:

  • The type of oil from which the soap stock is generated.
  • The mineral acid used for splitting process.