Appeal to European Elites

01 Jan 2018 / Siddharth Jivani  Download Pdf

Human nature is same throughout the world. I have widely traveled in Europe and also in Africa. I found that people are nice everywhere. Most of the people are humanitarian having compassion, mercy, and good feelings. So human beings are same everywhere.

But economically, world is divided into two parts. Developed countries are having very much comfortable living with all amenities of life available to everybody. While developing countries have a lot of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and many kinds of miseries for most of the people but handful of people in developing countries also have very high standard of living comparable with European people.

However most of the people in the developed countries have no correct picture how poor people in developing countries are living. So I want to give you some eye opening facts by which European Elites can understand the situation better.

For a while imagine that a person living in Europe is having the income of Euro 60000/- per annum which is considered reasonably good income in Europe. But for a while imagine that price of the gasoline is Euro 50/- per liter instead of Euro 1/-. Imagine that price of milk is Euro 20/- per liter instead of Euro 1/-. Imagine that the price of bread is Euro 17/- per kg. instead of Euro 2/- per kg. Imagine that price of sugar is Euro 22/- per kg. instead of Euro 1/- per kg. Imagine that price of tea is Euro 150/- per kg. instead of Euro 4/-. Imagine that cost of one pair of shirt and trouser is Euro 500/- instead of Euro 20/- to 25/-. Imagine that the cost of electricity per KWH is Euro 5/- and monthly electricity bill is Euro 1500/- instead of Euro 80/- per month. Imagine that monthly bill of cooking LPG gas is Euro 400/- instead of Euro 40/- per month. Imagine that telephone costs Euro 2/- per minute instead of 10 cents per minute.

But you will be impatient that why to imagine all such nonsense high rates. But it has very deep sense. So please keep patience to imagine some more items. Imagine that the cost of the computer is Euro 25000/- instead of Euro 500/-. Imagine that the cost of the television is Euro 12000/- instead of Euro 250/-. Imagine that the cost of the refrigerator is also Euro 12000/- instead of Euro 300/-. Imagine that washing machine costs Euro 10000/- instead of Euro 300/-. Imagine that car is costing Euro 300000/- instead of Euro 10000/-.

OK let us stop here. Now please think over what will be the situation of household budget of every family in your country? How you will survive with so much 30 to 40 times inflated rates with the same income of Euro 60000/- per annum? You will feel that these are imaginary figures and it has nothing to do with the realities.

But no. Just substitute Rupee (Indian currency) in place of Euro and all the figures are exactly realities related to lower middle class millions of people of India. Rs. 60000/- is the average annual income of lower middle class of Indian families which is considered as good income. And they purchase their requirement at exactly the same rates which I have given above duly substituted in Rupees. i.e. gasoline at Rs. 50/- per liter, milk Rs. 20/- per liter, bread at Rs 17 per kg, sugar at Rs 22 per kg etc. Now just imagine how Indian people will be surviving? I have given the example of lower middle class which are quite above than really poor people. Almost 750 million people in India have income far less than Rs. 60000/- per annum. So their situation is beyond my imagination. So I am not describing their situation. But I am describing lower middle class which is upper class than poor people. But you will understand that with above rates and above income, no European person can survive. However millions of Indian families are surviving with above income and above rates. So you can imagine with what difficulty they will be living. Perhaps you cannot imagine how people will be surviving with such heavy prices. Naturally they can survive by cutting the cost, by purchasing less, by avoiding purchasing, by eating less, by giving less milk to their children, by avoiding costly facilities in their homes and so on. So standard of living drops drastically.

How such a wide gap in standard of living between developed and developing countries has emerged is really interesting subject to study. This happens by devaluation of money by Governments of developing countries which is forced by World Bank, IMF and WTO just to exploit the resources of developing countries for the benefit of developed countries. The direct result of the devaluation is that all the commodities produced in the developing countries become cheaper in the developed world at the cost of poor people in the developing countries making them poorer and all the commodities and services in developed countries become very costly to developing countries making them further poorer. I can explain this by concrete examples. Before 50 years, currencies of various African countries were higher than US dollar. Ghana Cedi was equivalent to 2 US dollars, Sudanese pound was equivalent to 3US dollar, Zambian Kwacha was equivalent to 3 US dollars, Zimbabwe dollar was far bigger than US dollar, Nigerian Naira was equivalent to 2 US dollar etc. All the currency coins in African countries were of pure gold before 50 to 60 years.

At present 8885 Ghana Cedi is equal to one US dollar,206 Sudanese Dinar is equal to one US dollar, 3308 Zambian Kwacha is equal to one US dollar, 100990 Zimbabwe dollar is equal to one US dollar, 123 Nigerian Naira is equal to one US dollar and so on!!!

Just imagine the fun now. 60 years back, if an importer of fresh vegetables in London wanted to import 100 tons of vegetables from any country of Africa, he would have paid pound sterling 100000 at the rate of one sterling pound per kg. Now situation is such that same importer can import 100 tons of vegetables by paying simply say 500 pound sterling only. Difference of 2000 times cheaper has become due to heavily forced devaluation. 500 sterling pounds mean millions of currencies in African countries. Figure is very big but its buying power is so much less that it has less value than a toilet paper in Europe. So all the commodities produced in developing countries are extracted mercilessly almost at negligible cost for the benefit of European people. Similarly all the products produced in Europe is becoming thousands time costly to the people of developing countries. Thus two way exploitation crush the people of developing countries heavily resulting in to lot of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and many kinds of miseries.

Really Europe and USA has become victim of centralization and giantism. They have become victim of the mania of development through heavily centralized and giant production and distribution system. Big factories, big malls, big far away transport system, millions of cars and trucks and long highways. Bread produced at one corner goes to another corner; milk consumed at a place comes from 1000 km away. So all your energy and resources are wasted only in transport and distribution system. This is the main reason why you have to exploit the entire world. And still your life system is not happy at all.

I have observed that in Europe and USA, average woman gets up early in the morning drives 50 to 100 km and reaches to factory or store at 7 am, works monotonously for 8 hours as drudgery which she hates and comes back after 10 to 11 hours absence from her children. She does not get any enjoyment or job satisfaction in her work. She hates everything she has to do. Compared to this, Indian or African women working in small farms as laborers get far more job satisfaction even though they get tired of physical labor. If they go for cotton picking, their hands are working fast for picking cotton, but they chit chat, they discuss about society, their relatives, their own miseries or even they tell stories while working in the farms. They hardly travel 2 km from their homes of course on foot. They would have lived far happier life than present Europe if they were not exploited internally and internationally.

In fact, path of happiness is very simple. If most of the people in Europe and USA start working in the backyard of their homes producing some item or commodity of their primary requirements with the help of simple and small technology and thus create local economy, people will become far happier. They will work for themselves and they will work with lot of interest and so they will not feel drudgery. They will be enjoying their work. They will work as per their own desire. They have not to travel. So no tension to reach in time or traffic jam. This way, Europe and USA can build very strong economy without slightest exploitation of poor countries. This is the real way of making all the people of the world happy without any exploitation. This is the only way of eradicating poverty from the entire world.

If you share the above views, please use your intelligence and brain how to implement above thinking in actual practical life, how to create local economy, what to produce in the backyard of your home, where to sell it, how much you can earn from it etc. MY BASIC CONVICTIONS and MY ENERGY CONVICTIONS given in my website will be helpful in your thinking. The biggest tragedy is that all the intelligent and clever people in Europe and USA are simply thinking how to get better job and how to increase their salary. This is the thinking of a slave. This is not thinking of independent vital person enjoying freedom. Situation in the developed world is also really dangerous.

If you can start tiny industry in the backyard of your home and thus create local economy even at micro level, it is the surest way to abolish the exploitation of not only of developed people like you but also exploitation of poor countries by developed countries.

So envigour your brains with fresh ideas and start thinking.

I am your real friend and real well wisher.